Virtualization Services

Virtualization Services

We design the best virtual environment, develop & integrate a stable and secure networking environment and manage your business virtualized environment 24/7 with our networking monitoring.

With Virtualization, you can be the market leader

Virtualization technology enables more efficient utilization of computer hardware by creating an abstraction layer over them. It allows the hardware elements like processors, memory, storage, and more to be divided into multiple virtual computers, known as Virtual Machines. Each Virtual Machine behaves like an independent operating system and runs its own operating system. Virtualization Technology is also the basis of Cloud Computing.


When an innovative technology is well integrated in your organization you can see the benefits immediately

Virtual Server

Reduce downtime quickly and bring your work efficiency back up to speed using virtual servers. Also save money by increasing the efficiency of your data centre.

Virtual Desktop

You can manage a single OS and save money with Virtual Desktop. We assist you in making your data more secure and troubleshooting is simplified.

Recovery Management

We create an environment where disparate systems seamlessly communicate with each other. Our experts combine data from your applications, systems, databases, etc.

Features of CCSI Virtualization Services


CCSI offers customized Virtualization Services that perfectly sync with the business needs of customers. Our team of professionals helps you in deriving the benefits of virtualization for all your business applications. Some of the features of our virtualization services are-

IMPROVED AGILITY: Enable accelerated virtualization of critical business applications and improve storage Input/Output performance.

HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY: Ensure higher productivity focusing on simplifying storage management and hardware consolidation

ADVANCED RESOURCE OPTIMIZATION: Ensure advanced resource optimization by combing the resources available and dividing the available bandwidth into independent channels.

BACKUP SUPPORT AND DISASTER RECOVERY: Secured backup and disaster recovery plan ensures proper management and storage of critical customer data.

Our Process

CCSI follow a strategic plan for IT virtualizations. Here is the step-by-step procedure for the same -

Analysis and Assessment

Very first, we do a detailed review of the IT environment of our customers. Accordingly, we provide an estimated cost of ownership for the infrastructure as well as the setup expense.


After doing analysis and assessment, we create a detailed project plan which includes the strategy to be adopted in detail for the virtualization of servers.


Team of professionals at CCSI works with customers in the configuration, authentication and deployment of new infrastructure to meet the performance requirements.


In our services, we offer multiple levels of support technologies. We work with the customers in determining the ideal support level for their workforce.

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