Project Management

The Essence of Project Management Software

Custom project management (PM) software streamlines administrative decisions on projects and aligns collaboration between project managers, project team members, and other project stakeholders. and PM software helps in Project planning, Project team, budget, tasks, risks, document management, Project team collaboration, Reporting on project effectiveness and resource consumption.

Key Features of Custom Project Management Software

Based on CCSI's several years experience in software development, we can outline the core functionality of a custom project management system.


Project planning

Project initiation and approval workflows.

Setting project goals, milestones, KPIs, and deadlines.

Planning and scheduling project activities.


Project monitoring

Monitoring the overall project progress.

Updating project tasks in real time.

Automated notifications about task updates to corresponding team members.


Human resource management

A project team’s lineup planning and assigning employees to the project roles.

Monitoring the project team’s workload and performance.

Checking the progress of each team member.


Financial resource management

Project budget estimation and planning with regard to the planned labor and non-labor costs.

Requesting/scheduling the needed financial resources and project budget approval.

Tracking the project budget usage per budget allocation group.


Risks management

Setting, evaluating, and prioritizing project risks.

Monitoring risk factors throughout the project.

Assigning risk mitigation activities to a corresponding project stakeholder.


Project collaboration

Organizing and monitoring group tasks.

Simultaneous work on the project in a group.

Sharing, editing, co-authoring project documents.

Creating and managing a project-specific document repository.

Extended features for portfolio management

Project portfolio monitoring

Monitoring all projects in the portfolio simultaneously.

Outlining dependencies between projects, resources, and assets.

Assigning strategic KPIs to each project in a portfolio.

Setting custom ranking criteria for manual or automated project prioritization in the portfolio.



Program management

Interactive program roadmapping based on long- and short-term strategic needs and resource availability.

Assigning and monitoring specific tasks and goals, to projects comprising a program.

Identifying unhealthy projects that jeopardize the program’s success.

Human resource management

Booking deficit employees for high-priority projects.

Viewing employee availability charts for optimized project planning and scheduling.

Outlining cases of employees’ over-allocation.



Financial resource management

Automated approval workflows for project and program budgets.

Monitoring the project/program budget usage against the set budget targets.

Automated assessment of project/program ROI.

Project portfolio analytics and reporting

Modelling what-if scenarios with varying budgeting and resource utilization constraints to decide on the best fitting portfolio optimization strategy.

Setting what-if scenarios for the grounded resources allocation in the cases of projects competing over the same resources.

Customizable reports on portfolio statistics, program progress, resource capacity and utilization, etc.


Valuable Integrations

CCSI recommends integrating custom project management software with relevant corporate systems to improve visibility into project-related data as well as streamline project staffing, budget planning, and resource consumption tracking.



For ERP users: enables 360-degree visibility of project-related data (e.g., project schedules and results, procurement requirements, budget estimation and actual spending).

For users of a PM solution: provides data about internal/external project demand, inventory and asset management, billing and accounting requirements, and more (depending on your ERP capabilities).

PM + HCM software

Uploading employee profiles to the system streamlines project staffing and employee selection for high-priority project roles.

HCM-stored data on employees’ general availability (with regard to their vacations, sick leaves, etc.) helps effectively plan the human resources’ capacity.

PM + Payroll software

For payroll software users: sharing data on the project team members’ regular and overtime workloads, their billable and non-billable time contributes to the accuracy of payroll calculations.

For users of a PM solution: uploading data like salaries and bonuses of project team members streamlines project budget planning.

PM + BI tools

Enables tracking and visualizing KPIs, risks, resources consumption per project/program with the help of diverse cumulative reports.

Provides a wide range of project/porfolio forecasts.

Predicts the success/failure probability for the initiated projects.


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