About Us


CCSI is a premier emerging Information technologies solution provider. A lot of companies wait for emerging technologies to mature before adopting. On contrary, we love innovation and are experts in offering solutions for commercial problems by leveraging the best emerging technologies within agile or structured project delivery approach. We understand that traditional technologies have strong role in our echo-system hence we continue to support and specialize in building bridges between emerging and traditional technologies and supporting in offering system.

So, whether you need help with your Data Center re-design, network upgradation, application modernization, cloud migration, cyber security posture, establishing a DevOps practice – CCSI has the expertise to make your project a success.

about us



Be accountable - even if no one is looking. We mustn’t pass the proverbial buck.

Desire To Serve

Every decision we make, and every outcome we measure - MUST be based on how well it serves our customers.


In order to solve real problems and make our customers succeed, we must put ourselves in their shoes and understand their needs.


What is “right” isn’t always “easy”. Honesty, transparency, and commitment must reflect in everything we do.

Why Choose CCSI As Your IT Solutions Partner?

People do business with people they trust. That trust becomes the bedrock of long-term relationships. Relationships develop when your service provider works on ensuring that you get the best possible customer service experience. Customer experience ratings go up, when every decision your vendor makes, every outcome they measure, is juxtaposed to how well it serves YOU. When your vendor doesn’t act like a vendor, but a partner with a single-minded focus on making YOU succeed.


We exist to change our client’s business for the better: plain and simple. And we take pride in approaching each client engagement as a unique one-of-a-kind relationship. No cookie cutters here. Our goals are your goals. We boldly envision a better future for our client organizations and then quickly set to work to make those dreams a reality. By learning about your particular needs and aspirations, and then designing and implementing systems to take you where you want to be – we create the real business results you deserve.

Our uncompromised, technology-agnostic advice and implementation services are always provided by senior IT leaders; we never bait and switch; and we never leave you with a solution we wouldn’t gladly support for the long-haul. Our commitment to customer results is unmatched in the industry – providing personal attention and value to every client, every time.