Blockchain Development Services

We develop business-to-business blockchain solutions around the globe for medium and large businesses. Facilitating the technology adoption, we help to cut operational costs and create additional revenue streams.

Why Choose CCSI for your Blockchain App Development?

CCSI is a reputed Blockchain development company that excels in developing and delivering custom blockchain app development solutions. Our team of blockchain developers possesses an outstanding skillset and expertise to provide you with blockchain applications tailored to your industry needs.

✔  We carry hand on experience to develop blockchain tailored app for clients across versatile domains.

✔  We help our client to solve several aspects related to businesses with blockchain DApp development.

✔  Robust proficiency in the field of Blockchain development and Cryptocurrency.

✔  Our strong skill in Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS and other technology platforms suited for companies to develop applications in a secure, robust, and scalable way.


Benefits of Blockchain Technology

✔  Blockchain can be a game changer in various business sectors.

✔  A blockchain is assembling approach with will help to understand our world in a better way.

✔  Future of Blockchain is dynamic, agile and smarter, powered by AI and machine learning.

✔  The real invention of this technology is to maintain the transparency which can benefit a number of use cases such counterfeiting, IP protection etc. across industries.

✔  As this technology is new in the industry there is much more for companies to experiment with it as the advantage of this technology is moreover others technologies.

Segments We Have Experience In


Blockchain implemented in healthcare facilities the storage and utilization of electronic health records to deliver a complete telemedicine experience. Leveraging blockchain cut down duplication by giving any medical practitioner secure access to patients’ records.


Retailers using blockchain can experience a competitive benefit in the market. Leveraging blockchain in retail helps to build loyalty and trust while reducing the problem of online fraud risk. Blockchain with digitalized security in retail helps to manage consumer’s digital identity and information in real-time.

Real Estate

Blockchain allows real estate agents to fix more real-time analyses to improve the ability to detect fraud. With blockchain, fewer intermediaries are witnessed with more profit. This helps the customer to take better data analysis with improved decision-making.

Supply Chain

We provide supply chain service to Improve transparency, traceability and reduce administrative costs. Blockchain deals with many discussions so that supply chain development covers the entire life cycle of a block of data-from production place, to a warehouse, logistics, retail, and end consumers.

Our Custom Blockchain Development Services

Smart Contract

A smart contract is a self-enforcing agreement inserted in computer code that is managed by blockchain. A smart contract is meant to formalize simple agreements between two parties. We create reliable and self-executing Smart Contracts to secure your transactions on the blockchain or provide an insightful audit of current contracts.

Open Chain

OpenChain is an open-source Blockchain-based ledger technology that offers unified APIs to the developers for building Smart Contracts. It is best for creating and supplying own digital assets in a secure and decentralized manner. We deliver end-to-end Blockchain Development Solutions for a wide range of business-specific applications.


Hyperledger provides stakeholders protection of critical information and digital keys. It offers a new generation of transactional applications that establishes accountability and transparency. We develop a highly secure Private blockchain projects using different Hyperledger frameworks.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet is an app that allows users to store and retrieve their digital assets and transact. A cryptocurrency wallet is used to control the way users receive and send payments without depending on third-party entities. We develop Cryptocurrency Wallet Apps by following high security standards.

Ethereum Apps

Ethereum is an open source platform based on blockchain technology which uses Solidity as the main programming language for writing smart contracts. It enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications. We focus on delivering data-security and distributed architecture Dapps as per the business demands.


Ripple is a real-time currency exchange and payment network using a common ledger that constantly compares transaction records. The main focus of the Ripple platform is to transfer lots of money around the world as rapidly as possible. Using Ripple our developers enable blockchain technology in building the payment applications for seamless blockchain payment integrations.


A Cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where a Cryptocurrency can be exchanged or traded with other currencies or FIAT. A Cryptocurrency exchange is used for security and privacy of huge data blocks transacted in a fraction of a second. Our skilled developers have delivered Cryptocurrency exchange projects for both mobile & Web platforms across the globe.


Multichain is a platform designed to set optimum controls on their transactions. The MultiChain platform allows the business to manage trade easily and support legal terms effectively. Our developers are experts in developing a MultiChain platform for businesses to easily manage private and affordable cryptocurrency exchange processes.


We provide the best IEO ( Initial Exchange Offering) and STO (Security Token Offerings) services which include Equity,Debt and Asset-backed Tokens that keeps the transaction secure on Multichain. While developing Smart Contracts or Fungible tokens our Blockchain developers add validations in code. This keeps the process decentralized plus provide an added security layer that no outsider can access.