Staffing Services

Staffing Services

Cloud Consulting Services Inc., an accomplished IT Services and Staffing firm with 12 years of experience and a leader in providing workforce solutions, serving clients and candidates for Recruitment and Staffing solutions providing high quality services to government and commercial clients nationwide. In this span of time, Cloud Consulting Services Inc. built its business organically with a breadth of specialty businesses in the staffing industry. As the demand for technical & professional employees continues to grow in numerous industries all around the world, Cloud Consulting Services Inc. continues to answer the call. Our staffing approach is driven by a meticulous screening process, combining our understanding of the requirement, and similar experience staffing government organizations. Our staffing and sourcing services include contract and permanent placement solutions to secure the best talent for every business need.

We Know Talent

People are critical to business success. Their skills and competencies empower achievement. Their actions and attitudes shape an employer’s reputation and create an environment that drives growth. And while finding and starting a new job is often a stressful time in a professional’s career, the right employer relationship presents opportunities to develop skills, advance careers, and change lives.

At CCSI, we recognize the virtue of our purpose to match great talent with great opportunity. And we are committed to helping organizations acquire talent in an evolving recruitment landscape, where the skills, acquisition strategies, and the nature of how work gets done continue to change.


Attracting & Retaining for Your Business

Our network of specialized companies applies a world-class process for attracting and retaining the absolute best fit of talent to advance any organization's goals. A complete approach to talent and business strategy helps us stand apart, and keeps our clients ahead in today's highly competitive market for talent. Keys to success include:

Customer Alignment

We invest the time to understand your business and culture. Our holistic approach enables us to assess your service requirements, and we work with you to establish a compelling employee value proposition that is positioned to attract top talent.

Sourcing Process

By leveraging our proprietary network of job candidates and a referral-based sourcing strategy, we increase our speed and effectiveness in finding top talent to meet your hiring needs.

Candidate Screening

We screen all candidates through a solid qualification process, including resume matching, behavioral interviews, and supervisory reference checks. We can also perform certification verification, background checks, and more.


we speed the time to productivity for our placements by facilitating a smooth onboarding program. For contract positions, we also remain in close contact with the client and our consultant.

Our Offerings

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Temporary Hiring

Temporary Hiring is one of the most sought after services in our gamut of Human Resource Outsourcing. When you need staff for a temporary project, for short- or long-term assignments or to substitute for contingencies but you do not want to hire permanent employees, we provide competent professionals who can work dedicatedly for you for the agreed contractual period. What makes us best, is our ability to offer the most compatible and result-oriented professionals for your unique staffing needs.

Funding & Financial Resources

Temp To Hire

In challenging economic environment, there are situations where you can envisage a long term requirement for specific manpower however you are not sure to hire a permanent employee, Our Temp-to-Hire service can help you to hire employees on a fixed-term contract period, with the possibility of later converting it into permanent employment.

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Direct Hire

When full time resources are required with a long term commitment, majority of clients avail our Direct Hire service that helps them in a strategic selection of the right person after the meticulous screening. Our in-house experts understand your requirements, and undertake customized talent search as per your specific needs. We not only strive to get you the most professionally qualified employees but we also try to shortlist candidates who are suitable for your organization’s culture and futuristic vision.

Reliability & Banking

On Site Staffing

Our on-site staffing managers work closely with your employees to design, develop, implement, and monitor customized staffing solutions that directly suffice your requirements. CCSI leverages centralized services, high-class technology and a precise recruiting process for ensuring delivery within the pre-agreed budgets and timelines. To select the most appropriate candidates with critical skill sets, we use diverse sourcing channels comprising network referral, talent database, job fairs, job boards, cold calls, and online media.

Our Clients

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Workforce Solutions


✔  Our Successful Placement Process means you get carefully screened people with the skills and personality to fit right in and hit the round running.

✔  Our on-site recruiters with years of valuable experience in staffing, where the average age of our recruiters is over 10 years, provide a skilled workforce in several domains.

✔  Our commitment to our valued clients in maintaining a sustained relationship.

✔  Our ability to provide talent on short notices.

✔  Our understanding of the client’s short term requirements and long term goals.

✔  Our ability to be flexible to cater to every requisition of the client.

✔  Our willingness to work in a chosen area of interest – we will NOT bite more then what we can chew.

✔  Back office Ops consistently working on new “integrated” Digital and social media inbound marketing campaigns for pro-actively seek new candidates.