Contract Vehicles


CCSI delivers its services through government contract vehicles, fostering seamless collaboration with diverse government agencies. Leveraging these established agreements, we offer a diverse range of customized IT solutions crucial for supporting government operations. Operating within this framework expedites procurement, affording government agencies the flexibility to choose solutions aligned with their unique needs. We prioritize regulatory compliance, ensuring cost-effective, responsive, and tailored services to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations.

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State and Local Contracts

State Contract Name Agency Contract Number
California Information Technology Consultants CALPERS 2020-8914
California IT Consulting Managed Services Judicial Council of California IT-2020-64-RB
Colorado Staffing Agreement Project Colorado Springs Utilities SOQ-KK - 157937
Colorado Temporary/Permanent Staffing Services El Paso County 22-41G
Florida IT Staffing and Project State of Florida 23-80101507-ITB
Montana IT Staffing and Fixed Price Projects State of Montana SPB15-2895P-DM1
Maryland Temporary Staffing for Accounting and Fiscal-related Positions Baltimore Public School District (BCPS) CWA-106-20
Maryland Information Technology Staffing Services Baltimore Public School District (BCPS) CWA-122-23-013
South Carolina IT Staff Augmentation Contract (TAPfin) State of South Carolina-Beeline SC-02-2022
South Dakota IT Staffing Services State of South Dakota 21-0131-025
Texas DIR ITSAC for Staffing Services State of Texas-ITSAC DIR-CPO-4604

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