Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

Our cloud migration services transform and advance businesses using modern cloud technology. We nurture your data and build your premium digital strategy as your company becomes cloud-based.

Get maximum value with cloud migration

Cloud migration is one of the major steps for businesses on the path of digitalization. Migrating to the cloud replaces obsolete on-premise systems that require personnel, hardware, and physical space to maintain. Cloud adoption and technology modernization are secure, cost-effective, and agile. Through the cloud, companies acquire resilience, efficiency, and high velocity of operation.


Chapters of the Cloud Journey

Companies choose cloud technology because of its elasticity, lightness, and unmatched approach to operations. Improved infrastructure boosts management, speeds up processes, reduces business risks, and takes on the scalability load. Cloud-migrant companies are sustainable and have a serious competitive advantage. Cloud migration delivers conveniences, like:

Technology choice flexibility with a multi-cloud capacity

Capital-expenditure free cloud computing power

Access to enterprise-class technology

Continuous upgrades and maintenance

Increased collaboration through cloud-based workflow

Security, no matter what happens to your machine

Carbon footprint reduction due to using just the energy you need

Working from anywhere with internet access and a designated mobile app

Adopting the Cloud

Adopting a cloud for an entire company often depends on the business-specific characteristics and goals. Thus, a starting point of your cloud migration journey is defining the cloud migration strategy.

Defining strategy

Our cloud migration strategy consulting includes discovering your business needs and understanding motivations. Having identified business outcomes and justification, we proceed with recommending the first adoption project.

Developing a cloud migration plan

We rationalize the digital estate of your company, analyze its applications and dependencies in technology. Having identified the initial organization alignment, we prepare a skills readiness plan.

Adopting the Cloud

Cloud adoption is a complex process consisting of migration and innovation guidelines. We check them against possible expanded scenarios and validate the best practices. We perform your company’s first workload migration and keep constantly improving the process.


Cloud Model and Architecture

Our cloud migration services include selecting cloud architecture and a preferable private or public cloud provider. We provide cloud migration consulting to help you determine the best fit for your business based on your individual needs, cloud location availability, and compliance certifications. A private, a public, and a hybrid cloud guarantees maximum security and privacy for your data, with full, constant access, and 24/7 support and maintenance. We choose one or multiple cloud providers best fitting your purposes. When configuring the cloud for you, we work with the industry’s most powerful capabilities, automation tools, and other delivery methods.

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