Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

Shuffle off the operational burden. Simplify, optimize, and automate yourself out of day-to-day management

Cloud services power up your business but what powers up your cloud services? Although migrating to the cloud is an all-important step that drives your organization forward, it’s just the first one in a series of others of equal importance. To remove the complexity from your cloud journey and control risks without sacrificing the agility and innovation that cloud technology brings, you need a well-thought-out cloud management strategy.


If you don’t want to get swamped with the cloud management workload, CCSI will take it from here. We offer ongoing cloud managed services to simplify operations, maintain end-to-end service levels, and ensure that resources adapt seamlessly to dynamic changes in workload, processing, storage, and network requirements.

Proactive performance monitoring and predictive analytics that allow IT teams to detect and remediate problems before they impact customers.

Full-stack application and streamline application and infrastructure provisioning, configuration, and migration.

Setting up security and compliance management across the cloud landscape.

Accurate, timely cloud cost and capacity management, modeling, and cloud resource utilization.

Featured components

When it comes to the cloud, CCSI knows what works and what doesn’t. We offer the whole spectrum of cloud managed services to maximize the transformative value of your cloud solutions.

Security management

Although major cloud providers never stop improving the security of their services, keeping cloud data safe is the shared responsibility of both the vendor and the user. Simply moving to the cloud doesn’t mean that security concerns can be left at the mercy of the cloud provider. By following cloud security best practices, CCSI engineers lift the burden of protecting data from our clients’ shoulders and ensure their cloud-based applications are properly secured.

Ongoing performance

Cloud is an integral part of most companies’ networks and application strategies, but how to ensure that your systems perform as you want them to?

By visualizing application performance, we track near real-time availability of your applications and resources to quickly assess and respond to service-impacting events. CCSI team provides empirical data on cloud usage and consumption to optimize solution footprints.

Cloud governance

If you feel like you’ve lost control of your cloud assets, we’ll help you regain it. With over a decade of experience under our belt, CCSI experts are great at mitigating the risks that can lead to cost overruns, inefficient use of cloud resources, security breaches, data leaks, and failure to meet compliance obligations.


Multi-cloud management

To unleash unprecedented speed, functionality, and scale, a lot of companies are embracing a multi-cloud strategy. As a certified partner of Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, OVHcloud, CCSI helps to leverage a combination of unique capabilities from first-class cloud providers.

Each cloud vendor has its own proprietary provisioning tools — there’s no consistent operating model. At CCSI, we handle this and provide you with effective multi-cloud governance without compromising agility or stimulating uncontrolled cloud spendings so that you can have unrestricted access to the full power of each cloud vendor.

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