Cloud Services

CCSI provides consultancy services to its customers on Cloud Services, choosing right deployment models and right service model basis on customer needs and future requirements. Beside this CCSI has a team of programmers writing APIs for different cloud based applications.

Cloud Deployment Models :
A cloud deployment model represents a specific type of cloud environment, primarily distinguished by ownership, size, and access.

There are four common cloud deployment models:

  • Public Clouds : A public cloud is a publicly accessible cloud environment owned by a third-party cloud provider.
  • Community Clouds: A community cloud is similar to a public cloud except that its access is limited to a specific community of cloud consumers.
  • Private Clouds: A private cloud is owned by a single organization. Private clouds enable an organization to use cloud computing technology as a means of centralizing access to IT resources by different parts, locations, or departments of the organization.
  • Hybrid Clouds: A hybrid cloud is a cloud environment comprised of two or more different cloud deployment models. For example, a cloud consumer may choose to deploy cloud services processing sensitive data to a private cloud and other, less sensitive cloud services to a public cloud.